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Tires are the soles of your vehicle. They keep trucks and cars stable for smooth travel. Most tires are made of thick rubber, which ages and wears down gradually. Tread on tires doesn’t last forever, regardless of where you drive or weather conditions.

Ordering them in Bossier City is easier now than in the past, where you had to physically show up to a seller and get them. Acquisition in this way is still done and continues to be a preference for many. Ordering is recommended for people that understand what kind of tire they need. And the only way to learn is by knowing the differences between them.

Is There More Than One Tire Type?

Yes, and some are radically different. You can sometimes tell the difference by viewing its tread and thickness. There’s also a discrepancy in width, with the narrowest tires having the shortest lifespan. Observe the following tires to see which one matches the kind that you need

Touring Tires

Touring is very common for vehicles. They’re easy to manufacture, retail at good prices, and can take you through many miles of driving with slow wear-down time. As an umbrella distinction, touring tires are further divided into three classifications:

All-season – These are tires built to move vehicles around in all four seasons with little susceptibility caused by weather. The traction makes them used often in areas with seasonal ice and snow on the street. Tread is generally centered around an axis, with one half of the tire having the opposite shape of the other half.

Grand touring – Grand touring is used for drivers that prioritize handling. They’re all-season with a slightly better response to movement at cruise speeds. Tread life can be calculated based on the time you keep them on your car, but the average is about 40,000 miles.

Performance tires – Are you searching for tires with added resistance to sliding on wet roads? Performance tires can reduce such a prospect. Contrasted with the other three, these tires are made with silica-embedded material. Speeds rates for performance tires are also high, great for anyone that commonly makes long drives.

All-Terrain and SUV tires

SUV tires must hold up to carrying added weight. They’re made for rougher surfaces since SUVs are sometimes used for off-road travel. Pickup trucks use the same kind, otherwise marketed and sold under the associated body style. All-terrain tires are very tough, which is easy to notice when viewing their jagged and asymmetrical treads.

The pattern, dense rubber, and wide shape of all-terrain tires help vehicles pass over surfaces that would be frustratingly difficult with touring tires. The larger tread width touching the surface also keeps the vehicle from sinking in sporadic mud puddles. You’re more likely to pull yourself out of a muddy situation with all-terrain tires than anything else.

Mud-terrain is the same but better at keeping traction on soft ground. Look into all-terrain tires when your drive involves going over dirt or rocks around unpaved areas. But in the expectation of rain that’s consistent enough to create mud, give thought to buying mud-terrain.

Helping you find the tires you need

Everyone loves the tires we sell at Harvey Subaru. Many come for our all-terrain stock. They have the perfect level of aggression for pickup trucks and large vehicles when you’re ready to get them on the dirt. Do you have any questions about all-terrain tires that you need answers to before buying or ordering? Let us be your go-to source for all information on vehicle tires. Off-roading enthusiasts in Shreveport and beyonf trust us for giving them great quality products. Bossier City is where we are, ready and at your service when you need it. Contact us to learn more.

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