Have You Overlooked Hybrids?

March 21st, 2022 by

If you’ve overlooked hybrid vehicles, don’t worry; you are in good company. Since their introduction in the market some decades ago, they have slowly garnered a reputation that has not historically been very friendly. However, with climate change, the price of fuel, and an uncertain future economy, the demand for greater efficiency has never been higher.

Although there are still plenty of myths about owning a hybrid, many of them are true. Like, hybrids cost a lot of money. Wrong, especially in the Bossier City area. So, to help dispel some of the negative press surrounding hybrids, here is a quick blog discussing the benefits of owning one.


Hybrids come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, for many years, there was the notion that a hybrid vehicle was small and not practical for families. That notion has since become debunked. For example, the Subaru Crosstrek represents the perfect balance of size and function. Ranked consistently as one of America’s most affordable SUVs, it delivers a tremendous value to cost ratio.

In other words, there is typically a hybrid model for everyone. Ford has also included Hybrid models on their trucks, which has become a growing trend by many automobile manufacturers. So, the idea that a hybrid is small is no longer accurate. Take them anywhere in or outside the Bossier City area without concern for space or passenger comfort.


Many years ago, there was a growing suspicion of electrified vehicles and the idea that they are dangerous. However, the idea of driving with a larger battery on board shouldn’t be as concerning as driving with a highly combustible liquid sloshing around in your gas tank. Plus, hybrids have become even safer as the technology becomes more and more popular.

The idea of working out the bugs does not exclude the production of automobiles. Another sublime example is Subaru’s commitment toward safety and its innovative hybrid technology. They lead the way in affordability, safety features, technology, and fuel efficiency. Some hybrid models can get as much as 90 MPG.


Well, this myth is true. Hybrid vehicles save you money because they allow you to drive longer with fewer stops. Hybrid vehicles run on both gasoline and electricity. Many vehicles use a regenerative braking system, which means that friction from stopping helps recharge the onboard battery.

So, if you drive in a city, a hybrid may mean the difference of hundreds of dollars a month in savings. Either way, they are perfect for the Bossier City area and beyond.

Energy Cost

Hybrid vehicles are different than electric vehicles in that they use both electricity and gasoline to function. This means you shouldn’t have to think about energy costs for charging your hybrid vehicle via plug. Although, some manufacturers offer the option. For the most part, hybrid vehicles are a healthy middle ground between fully electric vehicles like a Tesla and their gasoline-guzzling cousins.

The Future

Make no mistake about it; hybrids are the future. They represent a growing trend of being environmentally conscious. They also reflect a frugality as the US economy continues on an unsteady course and inflation reaches record highs. Saving hundreds of dollars a month and thousands a year is enough to entice anyone to switch. However, price is just one of many reasons why Hybrids are better.

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Owning a Hybrid vehicle is a choice and not a bad one. They are quiet, roomy, and come in enough options that each hybrid is as unique as the personality driving it. Take it off-road, across the country, or traverse the Shreveport area for a day of errands. They are versatile and guaranteed to deliver hefty savings throughout the vehicle’s lifespan. Contact Harvey Subaru in Bossier City to learn more today!

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