As you may have noticed, it has been a dry, warmer-than-usual start to the winter season in Shreveport, LA. Granted, we never get the snow and ice that the northern half of the country receives, but it is usually cooler than it has been in this area. Despite that fact, this season still presents some challenges for the Subaru car, hatchback, or SUV you are driving. It is important that you get your vehicle prepared for everything that could occur, so your vehicle can continue to provide you with the top-notch performance you deserve. Harvey Subaru, located at 3351 Benton Road in Bossier City, LA, is where you want to have this seasonal service done to your car.

Seasonal Service is Key for Your Subaru Vehicle

Alexandria, LA drivers may be happy to hear that we have many service specials available to help you with many of the seasonal services we offer. It is also worth noting that we use only authentic, genuine Subaru parts and accessories in all the auto maintenance we do on your Subaru vehicle. As a Subaru service center near Monroe, LA, we can offer you these Subaru parts to help you protect your performance.

The list of seasonal services we provide for your vehicle to prepare it for the new year, and the dry, warm winter, is lengthy. Here are some of the services we can offer you:

Tire Services

The warm, dry conditions can cause a condition called "dry rot." When this impacts your tires, it can cause cracking and damage. The service center at Harvey Subaru can inspect your tires for any signs of the issue. We can also provide you with any other tire services you need.

Coolant System

As the air gets warmer, the stress on your coolant system increases. We can flush your coolant system to make sure that it continues to do its part in keeping your engine cool.

Air Conditioning

Because of the warmer, dryer conditions, you may find that you are using your air conditioning more often. If your vehicle is not blowing cool air like it once did, we can inspect your air conditioning system and address the issue.

Schedule a Seasonal Service Appointment at Harvey Subaru

Harvey Subaru, in Bossier City, LA, wants to help you keep your vehicle humming along at its best. Explore our current service coupons to see what savings are currently available, and make your seasonal service appointment today.

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