Quincy Goes on a Walk aka A Better Way


Ok, let me tell you what walks are like with Quincy. He gets very excited about getting to go on a walk, excited to the point he makes himself tired before we even leave the house. He jumps up and down (almost knocking you down) trying to grab his leash from you. He uses half his energy just getting his lease but he is still beyond excited about leaving the house to go to walk. In fact, He is so excited that he usually falls down the front steps. (don’t worry he is ok, he is a trooper) He likes barking at neighbors to make himself known to everyone in the neighborhood.  (trust me everyone in the neighborhood can hear your snorting) Then he starts running (which is basically just walking, but lets be nice and say running) down the sidewalk.

two seconds later


Quincy is now about 6 steps from the house and is completely give out. Great workout wasn’t it!  At this point he is being a giant baby and refuses to go anymore, he has finished his workout and completed his journey. Once you get him back to the house he goes to lay out on the brick floor and sleeps for the rest of the dayJ Wish my day consist of sleeping 24/7! This is what walks with Quincy are like, basically he is a big diva, and we all have to deal with it. My favorite part of being the walker is getting to relax while Quincy is “running” 6 steps from the house! J

Long story short...

If you're like Quincy and you're looking for a better way to get from point A to point B, Quincy and I definitely recommend heading to Harvey Subaru. Have you see the new Ascent yet? 3 ROWS!



I’m Grace and he is Quincy and we are signing off!




Make sure your doggy stays healthy during their walks:  https://www.rover.com/blog/hot-weather-dogs/


Make sure your car stays healthy during the summer:  https://www.harveysubaru.com/subaru-service-weather-vehicle-prep.htm



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