Employee Spotlights!!!

Employee spotlights

Quincy and I would love to congratulate our June employee spotlights: Brooke Milner & Steven Belk! We are so proud of them and so thankful for all they do for Subaru! Lets learn a little about the spotlights!



What’s your name? Brooke Milner


Spouse? Randy Yorba


Children? 2 step daughters, Rori & Catelyn Yorba


Pets? 1 frog named, Phillip


Position here? Service manager


How long have you been working here? 4 years and 1 month


Favorite memory of working here? Always the Christmas parties!


What’s your Favorite song? Stay- Rihanna


If you had to eat one meal for the rest of you life what would it be? Flaming Hot Cheetos!


What’s your favorite quote/motto? “We’re all in this together”


Brooke Milner recently became the service manager at Harvey Subaru, after having been in the parts department of John Harvey Toyota & Lexus of Shreveport Bossier City!




What’s your name? Steven Belk

Children? Proud uncle of Lily & Aiden

Pets? Alexandra McQueen the cat

Position here? Sales and Leasing Consultant

How long have you been working here? 4.75 years

Favorite memory of working here? The annual share the love event

What’s your Favorite song? Don’t rain on my parade

If you had to eat one meal for the rest of you life what would it be? Greek Corner Humus

What’s your favorite quote/motto? “For the travelers the stars are guides. For others they are nothing but tiny lights ”

Steven Belk was one of the first people hired at Harvey Subaru when the store opened in 2014. His great personality, friendly demeanor & positive attitude are evident everyday as he comes to work. Along with being our top Subaru salesperson, he is always willing to go the extra step for his customers & his coworkers. Thank you Steven!


I’m Grace and he’s Quincy and we are signing off!


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